@Jreed82 Chunk gets head tremors too ... here's a video from just about a year ago of one of them ... this one was after he had eye surgery. We had him on Benadryl and found that was what was causing them for him at the time. He has had them at other times (before we got him - his previous owner said it was also from a medication) and we've also found that certain foods seem to trigger them. We are still on the search for the food that works best for Chunk ... so every once in a while the head tremors come back during a food change. Ugh. It's torture to watch but we've been told it doesn't hurt them, it's just annoying (like how an eye twitch feels to us). We give Chunk some vanilla ice cream, yogurt or peanut butter to help stop them. Or I just talk to him and give him loving and that helps too. Anyway, here's a video.