Currently, Maximus is being treated for the exact same condition. The Vet has indicated he has pyoderma/dermatitis, and is currently on Antibiotics and Steroids.
He is on a Raw Frozen Diet (INSTINCT) and has been on that diet for almost 2-months. When he is done with the medications, he will be Allergy tested.
Maximus has the same scabby sores on his back with hair loss as your dog. This is the 2nd time he has had this. Vet indicates it is bacterial, but he did do a
scraping for Mange, which I do recommend also to rule it out. I don't know if FOOD is the problem. Max's diet was changed almost 2 months ago - and eats
the venison and buffalo formula. Personally, I think it's enviornmental, and thats why I am pursuing Allergy blood testing.