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    Default ever thought !! as most of you know we have been dealing with annies itching for quite some time now ,well i have been looking into yeast and leaky gut syndrome ,very interesting as both give the same symptoms as allergy!!,take a look if you think your bully is allergic its a very interesting subject,i hope the link is copied correctly lol,karen

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    Another thing for me to worry about.

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    glancing through this it sounds just like SIBO, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, this is a problem with Bella and other EPI dogs. If Bella gets to gassy or her poos are softer and light in color, a round of Antibiotics is needed. Thing is, most vets give a round for only 7-10 days. With research, Clemson Univ has noted that SIBO has to be treated for 45 days!!! So alot of owners out there get the signs taken care of with the short dose, but the actual issue is still there.
    To help prevent SIBO, extra digestive enzymes such as Forta Flora and those already added to the top rated foods are good for the daily diet. The reason why EPI dogs get it so often is because they don't have the natural enzymes to fight this. It is very interesting how this all works. This can all be read on the EPI4dogs page.

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