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Thread: BeBe gets Spayed on Friday!

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    She has been eating small meals most of the day.

    Started out with 2teaspoons of TOTW wet

    Few hours later gave her half cup with 2 teaspoons
    And for tonight another half cup with 2 teaspoons

    Shes been holding it down and all her water lots of potty breaks but just pee today Im hoping the next potty trip shows some poop. I know surgery can stop them up so im watching close.

    She is so funny everytime we go through the livingroom she eyeballs the couch... But sulks her head and gos to my room where ive put all the pillows and blankets for her...

    Im gonna be wreak when i go to work in the morning.
    Will my bf watch her as close as me? I hope he so :-{

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    Default Re: BeBe gets Spayed on Friday!

    Glad Bebe is getting better . We had Dexter desexed a few weeks ago so I know how hard it is to have to leave your baby to go to work.
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