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Thread: Water in regards to crate training

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    Default Re: Water in regards to crate training

    it does them no harm to go without water through the night ,once house trained then free reign on the water,its the only way to break peeing through the night ,bulldogs are hard work enough without floors swimming with pee lol,karen

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    Default Re: Water in regards to crate training

    We always keep water down for our pups and adult dogs 24/7 I do not recommend restricting water, nor does our vet. They will learn as they get older. Their bladders are small right now and as they get older their bladders get larger and they can last longer without going. All of our pups get house broken just fine, and we do not withhold water.
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    Default Re: Water in regards to crate training

    No water in the crate, freely accessible water outside of the crate. When the dog is in the crate, he doesn't have water.

    When you have a puppy (from 8 to 10 weeks) he should only stay in the crate for 2-3 hours. 4 hours for older than that. By that time, your dog should be housebroken or close to it and he can have his crate doors open all day long which gives him free access to water and the bathroom. If you close the crate doors, he shouldn't be in there all day long! You are potentially putting your dog between a rock and a hard place if he has free access to water inside his closed crate... he'll drink when he gets thirsty but has no choice but pee in his bed if his bladder gets too full - which dogs really hate to do.

    So, in my opinion, no water in the crate but don't lock him in that crate for more than 4 hours.

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    Default Re: Water in regards to crate training

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I work very close to my house so coming home every 3 hours isn't a big deal for me. Fun times!

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