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Thread: New Bulldog Parents!

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    What a beautiful pup Roman is. Love his colors. My Wilson is getting more wrinklie as he gets bigger - he's 6 months now. He's quite a chunk too weighing in at 43lbs this weekend. When we got him at 8 weeks he had facial winkles and leg wrinkles. He's outgrown the leg wrinkles and his facial ones have increased as has his neck wrinkles. Looking forward to seeing Roman grow up .

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    Thanks everyone! We are so excited- just spent a fortune on toys, food, bed, leash, collar... whew! Trying to get a head start before bringing him home! We're going to start him on Orijen puppy 80/20, as I've read great things about this food. Fontanafox- wow, Roman looks a lot like Wilson did when he was little. He's precious!
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