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    BCA Breeder Referral Service

    I attached the link to the BCA...there are SEVERAL breeders from Florida. A word to the wise...anyone can put about anything they want on a website. And make it look authentic. I had a friend who purchased a pup from a person claiming to be affiliated with BCA and later learned wasn't...she ended up with a very sick puppy...from DAY ONE almost. And the pup had several surgeries and such. And finally is a healthy pup. But it was extremely remember follow up with the BCA to ensure your getting a good breeder. Parts of Florida is far closer than CANADA...Do you mind sharing the link? Send it to me in a personal message...

    The biggest thing that will show you if the breeder is hiding medical conditions within their line...ask for their vet's phone number. If they had an issue with you discussing medical history with their vet...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THAT PARTICULAR BREEDER!!!

    I do commend you for doing your research...I personally had better luck when I asked the breeder how old their oldest bulldog was. If they have a retired breeding dog on their property...verses selling it. [Though you can't keep them all] I find them a little more compassionate. For example...Sarge's Dam her mother was on the property...and she was 11 yrs. old...his Sire...has lines that one was 12 and still alive at another breeder's home. [Due to the breeder had used the stud service of a show breeder]

    I find that show breeders...typically are more into bettering the breed...And not only are after dogs that are standard...but breeding "healthy" bulldogs as well.

    I would recommend...visiting a dog show or two...Possibly getting to speak with a breeder there. Understand that they might not be "overly talkative" due to their mind is on the show and keeping with when their ring time is happening. will allow you to rub elbows with more reputable breeders...and it never hurts to get in contact with the particular breeder. Seeing your doing your research prior to purchasing a pup will go along way for you in their eyes I would think too. If you could get into contact with a breeder...send an occasional email. So they know they are serious...also helps. may find some without a website. Due to they have so many feelers out in the show world...that they don't advertise when they have pups. But it's word of mouth...sort of thing.

    I agree...I think a pup would be your case with the other dog being standoffish.

    And welcome...I believe I posted already in another of your posts...Loved the pictures you've already posted...There as you know...a place for pets that aren't bulldogs. Please...continue to feel free to share photos...of your fur crew.
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