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Thread: Web Designer/Developer Looking for a Bully

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    Cool Web Designer/Developer Looking for a Bully

    Hello everyone!

    I've been in the process of looking for the right time to have an English Bulldog join my family and my girlfriend and I are finally ready to own one. I know that bulldog dealers and rescuers are dependent on their websites to advertise themselves. I thought that someone may be out there that would be interested in trading my services for a deal on an English Bulldog. I know this is a rare request and may seem selfish, but I thought I could put my services to good use and find someone in need of a new website or new website design (or any other graphic design work). I am currently a web developer for West Virginia University and owner of Dan Caryll Design, a freelance design business.

    If anyone is at all interested in something like this, please contact me on here or at I appreciate your help in my bulldog- seeking adventure!
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