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Thread: Hello!!! SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MySmooshFacedBoy View Post

    SO GLAD TO FIND THIS BOARD!! There's not much out there for communities for Old English or American bulldogs. The ones I did find had zero activity! I hope it's OK that my pup is not fully an English Bulldogge.
    If it's not ok, I understand boards like these are very specific, I'll move on.

    I'm Stephanie, and my family and I just welcomed an 8 wk old OEB mix to our home. Mom was OEB/EB mix and dad was an American Bulldog mix. (Both best guesses, he was born in rescue) Our lil boy is such a wonder to behold. Hubby wanted to name him HAMBONE but I want nothing to do with such an undignified name, LOL! So... my I present Sir Hamilton Percival the 3rd of Richmond. So his nickname is Hambone or Hammy.

    We had a "boxer" (passed away a few years ago) and the more I read about bulldogges/bully mixes thereof, I really believe he had some Bulldogge in him. So I'm new to bulldogges but not necessarily bully breeds.

    Today is day 3. Wish me luck, time for another potty break!
    My son has a beautiful female American Bulldog. She's a wonderful dog with the children.

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    Default Re: Hello!!! SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!

    Welcome to EBN. jewel and Bentley say hello.

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