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I had a behaviorist come to the house and it seems it is my Frenchie that is the source of the issues. She is a nervous girl that doesn't do well with people in her house. It is totally my fault for not getting her out and around a lot of people. The behaviorist said that Thor picks up on her energy and gets all amped up. She said he is like a teenager trying to figure out where he fits in our world. There is training that still needs to be done. I need to train him to "stop" and "come" whenever I tell him....no matter what he is doing. All has been well. His harness seems to calm his energy, too. My pug is still a bit nervous around him, but she is getting better. I don't even think he remembers why she is scared of him and avoids him...which hurts my heart. Thanks for all the advice!!

thank for the update --- best of luck with the training and stay confident... they also pick up on your feelings as well. please keep us posted