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@cadillactaste Neither myself or my husband had ever been to a dog show of any kind before, until the end of last year when we went to the IX-Center in Cleveland where they were having a dog show. We specifically went there to watch the english bulldogs! There were 52 of them!! It was Bulldog paradise for us!!

Watching...and showing are two separate things. And I went to a dog show for ASCA/ Australian Shepherd Club of America which meant...NO BULLDOGS Just pretty Aussies...But with the same breed there one had to be on their toes to not miss their "classification" if there were other breeds it would be easier to see..."Oh! The Aussies are up" sort of thing. I would enjoy seeing a variety of dogs in a show say with the AKC...BUT...I don't know I would like to participate...it can be a man eat man world out there...when it comes to showing. ASCA has an easier atmosphere around. [Or so I've been told] My Aussie is triple registered. [So I can do agility with her later and have more shows closer to home] But I can show her through all three as well. But...I do not plan on becoming a breeder...so I don't know...She was sold to me on contract thinking she was a pet quality pup...and turned out to be a show pup by surprise after having her eyes cert. come back clean. She has some dark pigment coloration on her one iris...Which the breeder thought was something else but called it wrong. I'm just fortunate that the breeder stuck to our original contract and let me still have her.