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Thread: 1st English Bulldog-facing some challanges...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullieGrandma View Post
    Hi. My daughter and I have added an English Bulldog to our family. Ellie was born 5/10/14. She's doing fairly well on housetraining. My main issue is her chewing. So far, she's chewed/eaten 2 end tables. She has chew toys, rawhide chews, toys so there is plenty of approved items for her to chew on. Wondering if it could be boredom? Any insight would be MOST appreciated.
    The gang has given you such awesome advice. If you're thinking it's boredom...remember that a tired bulldog is a well behaved bulldog (for the most part). Not sure how much time and space you have but I would suggest that you take 5-10 minutes here and there throughout the day and devote it to wearing her out. Some days, we would train Goob to sit, lay down, and stay. Then we would walk across the hall or the yard and have him run to us for his treat. It was a great training activity and it also allowed him to run off some of that puppy energy. We would do it about 10 times or so which would take less than 5 minutes. You might be surprised how many 5 minute play breaks you can fit into your schedule. If you're cooking and things are coming to a boil,sauteing, or break. Working on paperwork....when you get up to get a drink or go to the break. Cleaning/ doing laundry....I give him a play break before I vacuum.

    I noticed that the few times Goob would get destructive was when he took things under the table. He would be chewing his approved toy under there and I figured everything was fine. UNTIL I looked at the table leg and saw him switch from his toy to the leg ever so subtly. After that, I put a sheet on the carpet -20140728_194838-jpgand then placed all of his toys on the sheet. If he took the toy off, I would take the toy and place it back on the sheet. Was it tiresome? Yes! But he figured it out.

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    As always....
    even after so many years of owning EBD's, I STILL learn something new here.


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