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    Welcome! So glad you are here. I'd love to hear more about your life in India!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoandPinky View Post
    Hi Everyone, my name is Jade and I am an Australian living and working in India for the past 5 years. I was blessed with my first bulldog 3 years ago - her name is Moshizzle - she gets Moey for short. I bred her recently and 3 months back we were blessed with 6 little healthy angels. It was a crazy experience for me as I has never done it before and was not aware of the intensity of the whole process until it was happening and I was frantically doing lots of research. I kept them all for about 9 weeks and then found them homes - heart breaking. I kept 1 female and she is called Pinky and is now 3 months old.

    I have grown up with mongrels and never owned a bulldog before Moey and I have just never experienced anything like it. They are the most amazing creatures I have ever known and are super precious. I am limited here in India in meeting ppl and talking to ppl with bulldogs and I recently came across this forum which is just super so I am really excited to learn and share all i can to keep these angels happy and healthy. I am also passing the site on to the new owners of my other 5 angels...thanks again
    Welcome ! but you can't use the excuse, I'm new, I didnt know about the monthly photo competition, especially this month, cause I LOVE showing off my Bully's Booty. So find the 'Bully Booty' Thread, figure out how to upload a picture and *DO TODAY!* get involved in YOUR Community ! (and it was my idea for Bully Butts this month, and I really want it to be a success ! ! !

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