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Thread: babygirlisabella

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    Default Re: babygirlisabella

    WElcome to EBN. Is she urinating normal? For example, no increased frequency or amount?

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    hello there and to ebn. so glad you joined. as others have said its either the tail pocket (area behind or below the tail which is a pocket) or the lady parts. normally you can just clean with a baby wipe but if there is some redness or such i would invest in some duoxo pads as they have many uses this being one of them. you could also just get some anti fungal cream and see if that helps.

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    Default Re: babygirlisabella

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirlisabella View Post
    I am a new member my bull dog is a year old. I had a question my bull dog she scoots and it not her anal glands .It is her vagina. The vet told me the just do that and she okay. She looks so uncomfortable .Can anyone give me any remedy for her.
    Welcome ! but you can't use the excuse, I'm new, I didnt know about the monthly photo competition, especially this month, cause I LOVE showing off my Bully's Booty. So find the 'Bully Booty' Thread, figure out how to upload a picture and *DO TODAY!* get involved in YOUR Community ! (and it was my idea for Bully Butts this month, and I really want it to be a success ! ! !

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