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Thread: Nipping and biting! HELP

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    Default Re: Nipping and biting! HELP

    It sounds like you are doing the right thing. This will pass!

    "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and
    filling an emptiness we didn't even know we had."

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    Default Re: Nipping and biting! HELP

    My puppy is 12 weeks old and he bites too but it has gotten a hundred times better in the past few weeks! His little teeth are sooo sharp, I feel your pain, literally. It will get better and the moments of joy you get from playing with or just watching your pup play will make the pain feel better! It is really hard to stay mad at a face that cute!

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    Default Re: Nipping and biting! HELP

    as JakeisGreat explained "Another technique that works is reacting like her litter mates would..*YELP* loudly. This will surprise her and she will stop. You might have to use a combination of things, but be gentle yet firm..most of all..BE CONSISTENT!"

    Puppies in their pack learn their limits, by their pack mates YELPING, almost saying *HEY ! That Hurt !* Now what others didnt point out, is that a puppy learning their 'Mouth Limits' early is VERY important, because if they become older, and they dont know their limits, it could be very dangerous for not only the BITEE but the BITER

    Consistency is Key ! and you need to get the whole family involved ! if Mom says OUCH, and Dad Doesnt, then the puppy gets confusing signals.

    The next question you will have, is potty training - remember a short formula, AGE in MONTHS + 1 = length of 'Hold time' (APPROXIMATELY!) a 2 month old puppy should be able to hold out for a MAXIMUM of 3 hours between potty breaks. a 3 month old would be 4 hours etc. So 10 PM he'll have to go out about 1 am, and 4 am etc. So you will have to keep this in mind at night.. OHHH the puppy stages ! ! ! Hershey just turned 1 recently, and even though they are very cute at that point, I dont miss the middle of the night wake up and take them out etc Good Luck, post often, and lots of pictures.

    Speak of Pictures, some have started threads - and Update the thread with Pictures, ever few days, weeks, months etc, that way you can (well, WE can) see your puppy grow and mature and its nice for you to look back on in a year of 4 and remember the puppy stages

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