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Thread: Hello people! Meet Tank!

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    Default Re: Hello people! Meet Tank!

    WELCOME ! ! and it sounds like you both were lucky that day, and you found each other We hope to see lots of Tanks antics on these boards

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    Default Re: Hello people! Meet Tank!

    How said they had to rehome thier bullie but so happy for you, you have Tank and he has you!! love the pictures
    I suffer from "M.B.S." (Multiple Bulldog Syndrome)
    because one bulldog is NEVER enough!!

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    Default Re: Hello people! Meet Tank!

    I'm in the process of moving out to Seattle and two of the places I applied for apartments to when I said I had an EB they replied with "I'm sorry we do not allow pit bulls."

    Pit Bull? How can you confuse an EB for a PIT BULL!?? LOL

    So I sent them a pic of Roxy and said... no, not pit bull, EB. And got the response "Ohhhh we allow THAT kind of bulldog!!"

    I felt like explaining a pit bull isn't the same as a bulldog at all, but... you just can't fix stupid. :\
    "The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so he can breathe without letting go." - Winston Churchill

    If only we humans were made that way.

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