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Thread: Other available English Bulldog forums to visit?

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    Default Other available English Bulldog forums to visit?

    I have signed up on two different forums, and neither of them are even active!!!!

    Went through the whole registration process, email confirmation, and I get squat.

    Then, I think I find a great forum, but NOPE. Anyone who posts on there, all you have to do is click their name and you have their email address. Talk about SPAM- BULLSEYE! Free spam for all!!!

    Another forum I spoke about having our first litter of puppies, how excited we were to find a place to ask for help and guidance.... and my posting was removed for "trying to sell my litter". *sigh*

    So, do you know of any good English Bulldog forums?

    I am not trying to "knock them down" per say. (which is why I did not post which sites I am speaking of). I mean, really, I would love to be a member at even more forums! The more bulldoggin' I can do (we belong to several facebook groups for example) the better. It is nice to have a common thing with people that makes you befriend each other quickly. So basically, I am not making this thread to "belittle the competition".

    And, well, since we are brand new, growing our community will take time. Some guests may be sceptical to sign up. But we will try our hardest to continue to provide fun topics and contests, and I will certainly not let the "other" guys bring us down. 190 members in a little over a month, we are growing steadily everyday!

    Since we are all just trying to get to know one another, I just want to say thank you for giving us the chance to become a great community. Remember, what will make our community become better is YOU. Posting and replying to posts, commenting on your favorite photos, ect. Keep up the good work my fellow bulldoggers, and again, thank you for joining us!
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    This IS an awesome site! Thank you for putting it together!!!

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    I agree. I dont look anywhere else for bulldog groups.... I love it here...

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