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Thread: Rescue Stories: Meet Champ Waring

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzy220 View Post
    Got a foot in the door when Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs first came about, and because of that my husband, Tom and I are on the board. Our main job is to co-ordinate all the fosters in the Ohio area.

    You would not BELIEVE the excuses as to why some people give their bulldogs up to rescue. But for the 4-5 calls we get asking for a bulldog to be taken in to rescue .... probably 1 or less actually make it to us. It's often owner surrenders who find something or somewhere else to put their dog, and I shudder to think where but there is nothing we can do.

    Neglect comes in many forms ... and it saddens me that I can look into those big brown trusting eyes even after they have spent a life time of being covered in fleas, faeces and being ridden by worms. Yet still they will sit and apart from cowering if you lift a hand too suddenly, they are as trusting as a human child.
    Wish you were here in Florida....

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    I just saw Champs web site. What you have done with him is truly inspiring to us. I am shocked because it appears animal abuse is going on ALL over America, and abroad. Bulldogs seem to be able to get peoples attention and if Gunner can help open some eyes here down south..well Champ is his inspiration! Praying he stays healthy.

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