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Really need help with a catch 22 situation. My bulldog BIT me really badly because I was trying to treat his interdigital cysts. Afraid to do it now, I drive him 2 1/2 hours every day to the vet for help. I have found a trainer who I am convinced can train him and convince him he is not the alfa and transfer that to me. But the trainer won't take him until the toes are healed, and the toes aren't healed.............unless I can touch them to treat him. What can I do? Dog was on antibiotics for 15 days, with pretty much miraculous results. Two and a half days off antibiotics and a big bloody swelling reappeared on a back foot. Today, for the first time, when the vet touched it, he tried to bite again. I love my dog so so much. He has to get better? What should I do? I am now even afraid to bathe the feet. Getting bitten was awful. Please help with ideas.
If you are nervous or afraid is sensing it and feels the need to protect himself .... If you can just get his feet is warm water and epsom salt it will help... You do not have to touch the area while soaking.. But will have to dry them.

Also are you using nothing in life is free? It is a very easy training technique

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