Hello! I have been gone off of this site for a while, but I am back now looking for some help. My dog, Wrangler, is two years old and I am wanting to keep him out of his crate more often. The problem I am having is that he marks his territory on EVERYTHING. I read that this could be because he needs to be fixed. When I got him, they told me he was already fixed when he actually wasn't, but they still refused to pay to get him fixed. I am a full time college student, and I cannot afford to get him fixed right now. Not only this, but he is constantly jumping up on me, and he whines all of the time. He whines if I put him outside, if I put him in his cage for a nap, if I let him out and he lays on the couch with me, if I take him for a walk, etc. I asked the vet about the whining and he didn't seem worried about it. I guess my main focus is getting to a point where I can leave him out of his cage at all times during the day and night and not have any worries about it. Can anyone help me with this???