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Thread: So infuriating and exhausting :(

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    Default Re: So infuriating and exhausting :(

    After the VET clears him of any ailment...
    Get rid of ALL bedding, rugs, towels etc. Make sure he is crated whenever you are not right there to supervise him. The crate should be just big enough for him to lay down without having to curl up. No bedding of any kind in his crate. Get him on a schedule to go potty and stick to it. Start him out peeing every 4-5 hours(and immediately after every meal) and slowly stretch the intervals out...until he can sleep through the night without the need to go.

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    Default Re: So infuriating and exhausting :(

    Quote Originally Posted by TXBullyBrothers View Post
    I wonder why my vet never said anything about diabetes. Dumb. I'm thinking about switching vets. This place has been charging me an arm and a leg just for basics. $400 for both of them to get their shots. Is that normal?!
    That's outrageous! I just took both of mine in September for their yearly checks/shots and 6 month heart worm box and I only spent around $200. I would definitely look around.

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