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Thread: HELP PLEASE....severe aggression...ADVICE NEEDED

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    Default Re: HELP PLEASE....severe aggression...ADVICE NEEDED

    Quote Originally Posted by Evilo View Post
    Ok well I guess I can live with it if it's a puppy thing. But I won't be giving up on trying to train him. Thanks guys.
    "I also have family living close by who call in at the most inappropriate times and allow George to do what he likes I can't tell them to stop him they don't listen so any work I do with him is usually ruined in a couple of hours."
    I would NOT be happy if any family member came to my house and "undid" all the work I have instilled during the training process…this is NOT okay! If you're one to avoid conflict with people then you must crate George while they are over, but I think you should mention that he is in training and it is important that they respect that and not interfere!
    It's good that you won't give up on trying to train, persistence is key w/training!! Good luck, I hope it works out and let me know if you want me to tell your family to back off (half joking)

    Sorry, I hijacked this thread from poor megan…hope your training is going well!!
    Sea-Bass' Mom

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    Default Re: HELP PLEASE....severe aggression...ADVICE NEEDED

    Unfortunately they only come in to see him and would just get really annoyed and stop talking to me for keeping him from them so it's a no win situation. But as I said I will just keep trying. Maybe if he bites them they will back off so I might just let that happen

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