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Buster is almost at 6 months and is still being a Jerk and going after feet and biting us all over. The vet said he is going to be a bug dog and we are getting worried he will be an aggressive dog. Any thoughts on shock collars?
He is not 'aggressive' he is still a pup. You have to be more firm with him and ALL humans in the home have to be consistent with the training and commands. usually around 8 mths is when you see this 'toddle' stage of let me see how far I can push them --- go back to basics with him... some type of command for everything he gets, even a pet or attention -- he should sit or down position. Us this training tool, if not already --- http://www.englishbulldognews.com/fo...technique.html

also, when ever he goes to bite or grab, firm NO, with a redirect to one of his toys. Try the water bottle -- firm no with a spray to the face.

At 8 months old, you really should not be resorting to an e-collar -- that is a last resort when there is one trigger or focus that they can not be broken of.