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Thread: Rescue Bully - Need Advice

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    Default Re: Rescue Bully - Need Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by wendyk313 View Post
    Hi Everyone,
    Bella is doing so good with potty...just two accidents and it was my fault. I didn't move fast enough. She whined and went to the's 32 degrees here, so by the time I got my coat on..whoops. I just told her my fault...then we went out and she tinkled. I praised her and she turns into wiggle worm.. lol

    Here's a pic of my beautiful girl...Attachment 84509
    Oh my word, Bella is a beautiful girl! I love when they wiggle from excitement!! Its so cute!!! Thank you for sharing a pic of her, and for saving her! That face says it all. Hugs to Bella from Tyson.

    My whole heart, Tyson.
    Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, obviously never owned a Bulldog.

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    Default Re: Rescue Bully - Need Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Carol View Post
    Oh my gosh, Rosalie, you just made me tear up but happy tears
    It is a moment you never forget and my 1st rehome, Brutus & 1st
    bulldog & I, had it as I scolded him for peeing inside, I didn't know
    yet, how super sensitive bulldogs are, I'd had really alpha, tough
    dog breeds that you had to really lay down the law, hadn't joined
    EBN (did immediately after this incident) so was very unprepared
    for what happened. I'd never had any problems with housetraining
    and he just wasn't getting it, I cared for my Mother with Alzheimer's,
    I have Lupus & Fibro, Hubby was gone a lot with new job so was
    very tired & overwhelmed. I was scolding him and a little too loud
    and bent over him, not thinking, he COWERED and threw a grimace
    over his back at me. OMG, I'll never forget the terror & fear in his eyes!
    I just dropped beside him, gathered him to me (he could've bit me but
    didn't) and cried my eyes out. I told him he'd never fear me ever again,
    apologized for my and former owners behavior & promised him a forever
    home filled with kindness, caring and love and only those things. Brutus
    seemed to understand and accepted my heartbroken words, our bond
    was so deep it was impossible to describe, it's changed me forever. I'm a
    naturally forceful & fierce person, always kind but unaware how that can
    come across, I didn't know yet, Brutus had been abused, how many homes
    he'd had in his short life, he was so loving and had taken right up with me.
    It's really hard to tell just how much impact Brutus had on me or how much
    we loved each other, what a blessed GIFT he was to my life. When I lost him,
    I brought him home, buried him in his favorite, soft blanket, under my window
    that a huge tree shades, on a hill that he can overlook his forever home here
    although I know his released spirit runs with delight and plays with my beloved
    husband, Stuart, in Heaven. The next year I lost my dear little cat, CoCo that
    loved her brother, Brutus (they are shown in my sig. line as they usually were)
    and they are happy together in GOD's magnificent Heaven as they wait for me.
    Please, do not be sad for me as I have another precious bully, Cami, who fills my
    heart & home with the same loyalty, unconditional love and silly bully ways that
    keep me laughing every day! Who can be anything but joyous that lives w/a bully?

    Again, GOD will (He has) bless you for saving Bella, I promise you, Wendy, she has
    saved you even more, you'll see
    Oh Carol, I just love you!
    My smooshy face boy!

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