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Thread: A Switch Goes Off

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    Default A Switch Goes Off

    I have done some research and what I have found is bulldogs showing aggression to their owners. I need advice with my bulldog showing aggression to men.

    Bruiser is neutered, 7 years old, and healthy. We got him when he was 4 while stationed in Okinawa. He showed some aggression towards certain things, but it went away once he was fixed. During our time overseas, he has bit the paperboy and tried to snap at other men. I think Bruiser was startled when one night we were going out for a walk with him, and the paperboy happened to be right outside the door. So I guess Bruiser didn't like him from that point on. Friends that I worked with at the time would greet and pet him. Sometimes Bruiser does a 180 and snaps. With women, he doesn't have this issue.

    Fast forward to today. We have been living in our new place for about two months. Everyone is moving so we don't have too many neighbors. One guy across the street had his motorcycle and car parked on our side so the moving truck has room to park. The guy was wiping down his motorcycle as my husband and I decided to walk Bruiser and our pug, Bella. The guy said 'hello' and wanted to pet Bruiser. Bruiser was nice and enjoyed the head rub, then he snapped and tried to bite the guy. The guy wasn't petting hard. The guy said he understood that dogs can be moody like humans, but not everyone is going to think like him. I don't understand what the deal is? I don't know Bruiser's past before we got him. So I don't know if he was abused at a point in his life by men. I don't know if he was just never social towards men. There are very few men that Bruiser acts 'normal' around or at big social events, he doesn't care and just walks around.

    Has anyone experienced this with their bulldog? In our home, relatives' homes, big work gatherings, Bruiser is nice. He isn't needy when it comes to attention (only if our pug is getting too much). He enjoys sleeping and loves to cuddle if the opportunity is given. It is the 180 and getting aggressive I don't get.

    Thank you ahead of time for reading and your input!!-p1010700-jpg

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    Default Re: A Switch Goes Off

    I think you might be right, there's something in his past that makes him snap at guys. I would just be careful with him around guys and warn them that he will snap at them. Trained dog handlers are great with stuff like this and other agressions. In the "blogs" section on here there some really good articles that have been written by @Pati Robins about training your bully. He sure is a good looking bully.

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    Default Re: A Switch Goes Off

    Can you give more examples of when he snaps at men? Is it only when you are walking him or holding his leash? Does he do it when your husband is holding the leash? If I read the post correctly, he does NOT do this when you are in a room of people?
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    Default Re: A Switch Goes Off

    Two things...he's probably still adjusting to the move and isn't quite
    settled in yet & feeling secure and in control of his surroundings. I
    moved 6 months ago and my 6 y/o Cami seemed okay at first and then,
    2 months later started peeing the bed. Advice I got here from Christine
    was, as long as I wasn't fully unpacked, this might happen, she was right!

    He does seem to have wariness w/men, maybe working w/bully experienced
    trainer will help him. He's just handsome & sounds like a great boy!

    Welcome to EBN!

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