Bulldogs have a particular way that they play. It's very..... Aggro. However, not all dogs/people like that 'style' of play. And my puppy has learned to play "bulldog" style with his bulldog brother, and play calmer with his smaller coton de tulear (white furry guy) brother. If you'd prefer he doesn't body slam you just stop playing (maybe squeal) and walk away when he does it. He will figure out pretty soon no one wants to play if he plays like that! As for being attached to you, and ignoring them - well he's treating them like members of the pack that he's not interested in. I believe he feels that he is dominant over them - so that's what needs to be worked on. They both need to establish their dominance over him and these issues will likely disappear. and i do think the body slamming is dominance too.