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Thread: Romeo doesn't want to share the bed

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    Default Romeo doesn't want to share the bed

    So my boys have always slept in bed with me..but lately Romeo doesn't want to share the bed with Fatso..he goes after fatso when he jumps up into the bed..this started a few weeks ago and I correct him when he does this but it's not stopping him..Fatso has always been the more dominant one and Romeo is usually very laid back and passive..but there's always been a little jealousy between them..I can't figure out if Romeo is being protective of me or the bed..any suggestions of how I can stop this without having to lock them both out?

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    Default Re: Romeo doesn't want to share the bed

    seems he is trying to 'own' the bed. Are they invited into the bed by you or do you allow them to come and go at will?

    If not invited, you may want to do that going forward... Banks is very dominate and I have to have her be invited to bed otherwise she would be doing what your boy is doing. Banks is about to be 9 yrs old and has been in training since we brought her home at 11 wks... she will take 10 miles if we let up even a centimeter.

    you should be in bed first and then call them up ... the more docile should be up first then the dominate. Your dominate boy needs to know that you control what he can have or be apart of... it does not change the personality or remove the dominance, it just controls the behavior.

    use this training technique, if not already....
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