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    Hey everyone-

    I got a text from my boyfriend tonight. He's at home with our little (well, 50lb) pup this week while I'm out of town for work.

    He took Lola for a long walk this morning and some shorter ones this afternoon. Tonight, when he took her outside to potty, she wanted to go see a neighbor (whom she LOVES!). We normally don't let her go say hi if she's pulling on the lease to go see her. And our neighbor is super supportive of out training with that. She loves Lola, but is respectful of our decision to not give in to Lola's "demands." Generally, if Lola isn't sitting, she won't pet her or even acknowledge her. Which I honestly appreciate, it's nice for Lola to have people react to her bad behaviors like that! We want her to behave to get pets and belly rubs.

    Anyways, tonight, he let Lola go say hi and she started jumping on the neighbor and scratched her a bit. When Scott pulled her down and away, she scratched the crap out of his arm. He also said she growled at him and tried to bite his face.

    She's never behaved like this before and we just don't know what to do. Any thoughts or advice? I know she's still young, but I don't want her to continue to act like that. She's never acted like that before!

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    Default Re: Aggression and Biting

    Might be the first time you actually said 'no' because she alwasy did her training steps.... stay with all the training and reinforcement. She is getting into the 'teenage' years and will test the waters, per say
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    Default Re: Aggression and Biting

    Wow sorry to hear that happened. Sorry I cant be any help either.
    I know when my little guy would try and bite me I would turn him on his back and tell him "wrong" in a very stern voice I would keep him on his back til he calmed down. (I would gently put him on his back.)
    Trust he fought me, but he needed to know who's boss. I did that from day one. So now when he knows he did wrong he lays drown on his side and go's on his back. Then after I give him so much love.
    This is going to sounds crazy, but when he dose something wrong I corrected right when I see it .then I have a talk with him. I tell him "what u did was wrong and not nice.mamma not happy, but I stil love u"
    if it gets really bad I would check with a dog trainer. Let them see if there is something they can help u with.
    Who know it could have been cuase he said no. She testing to see who's boss.
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    Default Re: Aggression and Biting

    Well, I had almost the EXACT same scenario happen with Goob. We were on a walk with his pack (a bunch of his pug friends) and we stopped to see a neighbor he loved to see. He always loved seeing the neighbors and they loved him.
    One afternoon, we were walking by this neighbor and she was about to say hi to Goob when all of a sudden, he jumped and nipped her pants!!! He got a hold of them and ripped a hole in them. I couldn't believe it. It was so embarrassing but this neighbor was very understanding...he was only 6 months old. I did put him on his back and told him no and gave her some money as well. I thought...socialization time and we went to dog problem. We trained him and he learned about a dozen tricks on command but from that point on...Goob didn't let any new person get near him. Neighbors who once played with him, he would growl and try to nip. He didn't like strangers coming in the house. And to this day he has crazy stranger danger. He does not like new people whatsoever. We had family living with us for 6 months and we had to keep him separated from them and their kids and we would have to switch off...kid's house time...Goob's house time etc.
    We took him to the breeder at about a year old to see if she thought he had aggression issues and he was a little angel with her, her kids, and her family.
    We got him fixed at 8 months thinking that would didnt change his behavior.
    We now know that he remembers people that he grew up with because we moved out of state and my parents came for a visit. We were worried about Goob's behavior with them but he was the biggest love bug in the world. He remembered them!!!
    He isn't out right aggressive...If we walk and stop to talk with people he is quiet and calm while we are talking but they cannot get close or pet him because he will jump and try to bite.
    I bought him a muzzle for vet visits and for new people coming to the house. It's specifically made for bulldogs. I put it on him while he meets new people and correct his bad behavior when I need to and everyone feels more comfortable because they dont have to worry about getting a Goober chomp.

    Is this common for EBs? I always read how much they love people and kids but Mr. Goob...not so much.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Goob never grew out of this behavior but we are still working on it. Don't be afraid of his growling and his seeming lashing out at your husband. Like the other people said...he is just testing what he can get away with.

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