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Thread: English Bulldog Aggressive towards table food

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    Default English Bulldog Aggressive towards table food

    My three year old male English Bulldog is very aggressive towards food ( human food), he doesnt get upset when you go near his food bowl.

    If my wife or kids drop any food on the ground, he is all over it, or if you are walking by with food in your hand he jumps after it.

    Great dog but I get very nervous when young children are in my house with food. He goes right after it.

    Bulldog also goes crazy when visitors come to the house, not aggressive but will knock you on your butt if you dont pay attention.

    Any ideas or input?

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    Default English Bulldog Aggressive towards table food

    Have a look at my blog post called resource guarding-it doesn't have to be his own food bowl , i think teaching basic commands like sit stay, bed, drop and leave is essential -here is a blog post , of you have a look at the rest of my blog posts they have some basic training "how to" (before progress to "advanced" - wich i explained to someone in a advanced sit post -this can be used on drop and leave too
    Here is the link to resource guarding (for some reason not viewable on tap talk app but ok on pc/laptop tablet browser )

    Link to my forum thread with basic commands

    Also careful re introduction to dog savvy kids would be beneficial

    "Advanced sit"
    Lets start with jumping this is how we deal with it time and time again
    You need to teach an advanced sit. It is the command that gives you most control. Get him to sit every day of his life in as many situations as possible. Putting down his food, putting his lead on, while you open the door, at the kerb, while greeting people. If it's an excitable siuation, like greeting people, have a titbit on his nose and let him nuzzle it to keep him there. If he's sitting he can't be jumping up.It's the most neglected training of all. Because 99% of puppies will sit, most people don't bother with training the sit further. You need to train him to sit, in a normal tone of voice, 100% of the time in every situation and to stay there until he is released. It won't happen overnight and will take lots of patience.
    For example: Opening the door.
    Put him on the lead and tell him to sit. Start to open the door. Immediately he gets up, shut the door and wait for him to sit again (you probably won't need to give the command again). Repeat and repeat until you can open the door without him moving. The only thing you have to say is 'Sit'. You can quietly say' That's a good sit'. Keep relaxed all the time. Say nothing if he moves. Not only are you getting control over him, he is learning self-control. Same rule applies when visitors come around xx

    Hope this helps -if you got any questions let me know
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