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Thread: July 1st And July 4th Celebrations

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    Default July 1st And July 4th Celebrations

    Hi everyone, just a reminder with two Holiday Celebrations coming up next week, Canada Day on July the 1st, and The 4th of July in the US, many of our pets and especially our bullies are very afraid of big crowds, loud noises, and Firecrackers, and they can become quite anxious, also there are many other dangers to our pets from products like sunscreen, insect repellents, citronella candles, or cigarettes, and also from the foods we enjoy from our barbecues, like onions, chocolates and alcohol, all of which can make them sick. If your bully is scared, nervous or anxious during noise and celebrations, Please keep them inside in a safe, quiet place away from all the noise and commotion where they can be relaxed and comfortable and not be stressed out, and away from accidental illness or poisonings due to eating things they shouldn't like foods that could make them sick, or swallowing corn cobs and choking. It easy for them to grab things when there are many people around and we can miss things that they may eat, or someone may think they're being nice and feed them some food that isn't good, or healthy for our guys, and maybe little kids, who may be at the party may feed them something they shouldn't as well. It can happen so fast, and we may or may not be aware or see what they ate or were fed by someone, and it could cause them to become really sick later on, or cause an obstruction due to corn cobs, or watermelon rinds that can be swallowed whole, and you wouldn't even realize or know what caused it. Also the loud noises and firecrackers going off can cause them lots of stress, and some dogs will run and hide, or they sometimes will run and bolt and could get lost, stolen, or be hit by a car. I had a friend who had a Golden Retreiver, and everytime there were firecrackers, or thunderstorms, and he was outside, he would get so frantic and scared, and he would violently chew the wooden deck, this caused him to break teeth, so they had to make sure he was inside, in the basement, and he was given a sedative so he would sleep through it. This is a very severe reaction, and all dogs react differently, but many are afraid of thunder storms and firecrackers, and by placing them in a safe quiet place during these times, many accidents, and illnesses can be avoided.

    July 4th Safety and Anxiety Management for Pets

    by VETDEPOT on JUNE 20, 2014

    For many, the Fourth of July means a long weekend, barbeques, and fun with family and friends. Of course, the 4th wouldn’t be complete without fireworks lighting up the sky. While these festivities may be a great experience for human members of the family, pets don’t always react positively to the chaos of big get-togethers and the sound of booming fireworks.

    It’s important to keep dangerous party foods out of reach during July 4th celebrations. Be sure pets don’t have access to alcohol, the onions on the burgers, or chocolatey desserts. It may be best to provide your pet with a quiet place indoors to rest during the celebration.

    Additionally, if your pet is spending time outdoors with you during the long weekend, avoid using human products (sunscreen, bug spray, etc.) on animals. Instead, ask your vet for a recommendation.

    When it comes time for fireworks, be sensitive to your pet’s needs. A select few animals won’t react to fireworks at all, but many pets will experience anxiety to some degree. Pets typically react in one of three ways:

    1.) By hiding: Animals that quiver and seek out a hiding place during fireworks may need some extra attention during the commotion. Try speaking soothingly to your pet while fireworks are going off and lower the blinds to block outside sights.

    2.) By barking: Many dogs will bark the entire length of a fireworks display. It may be best to stay home with these canines to provide some extra comfort (and your neighbors with some peace and quiet).

    3.) By fleeing: Pets should never be left outside alone on the July 4th because many will panic and flee. If their anxiety is severe enough, some will go to great lengths to escape including digging under fences or forcing their way through screen doors. Because of this, all pets should be properly equipped with an up-to-date ID tag. Shelters often see an influx of stray animals being brought in this time of year.

    If you know your pet is prone to anxiety, there are several over-the-counter products that can help, including Thundershirts, Composure, and Zylkene. your pet experiences severe anxiety, you can always speak with your veterinarian about prescription options.

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    Default Re: July 1st And July 4th Celebrations

    Thanks for the info....My golden retriever hates fireworks and loud noises.... but Ellie seems ok.I still stay with her inside when they blow them off.
    Happy July 1st and 4th ...everyone...

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    Default Re: July 1st And July 4th Celebrations

    Great reminders! I have come to detest fireworks... and now that I live rural, guess what, the neighbours have fireworks. Layla gets scared, but Wilbur is downright panicked. I keep them in and stay with them, but it is usually a very difficult night for everyone. Saving grace this year is that July 1 is a weekday so there shouldn't be crazy late-night stuff going on.
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