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Thread: Protective Aggression?

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    Baxter Tiberius

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldozersma View Post
    That does make sense. You give Baxter the courage to stand up to the other dogs in the pack
    After 6 hours of them snapping at him, and being forced to submit to a bunch of little puff balls, when I walk in the room, he lays the smack down I guess!

    He didn't bite. Just swat at them and push them away.

    Still prefer he doesn't do that, but I know this boys personality and the last thing he likes is a bunch of little cupcakes smacking him into submission for 6 hours straight.

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    I would call in a trainer. I don't think this is behaviour that can be tolerated at any level. We have seen Stevie Ray exhibit aggression to an older Shih Tzu we have. She is 14, rescued and a resource guarder. We deal with both dogs behaviour. However, because Steve is big and can do serious damage we do not allow her to behave this way. She is always redirected when she starts picking on Zoe. Zoe is kept out of the area when we are eating as she would go after Steve and one other dog we have. We have also put Zoe on Clomicalm.

    You may also want to reconsider him being in daycare, or at least this daycare. They do not seem to have a good handle on dog behaviour. The other thing that screams out to me is that although bullies are protective it is not their job to protect us, rather it is up to us to protect them. We call Stevie off all the time, telling her it is not her job.

    Has your boy been socialized with other dogs besides the daycare? Does he live with other dogs?

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