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Thread: 3.5 year old bully boy and 6 month boy bully

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    Default 3.5 year old bully boy and 6 month boy bully

    So I am new to this forum and looking for help. Buster our 3.5 year old EBD that we have had since had been two months has been a joy with people and other dogs the whole time we have had him. We have had no issues except maybe him being protective over his toy and the occosional stubbornness when he prefers to listen to my boyfriend instead of me. (Buster is fixed btw)We adopted a 6 month old male EBD named Levi about two and a half weeks ago thinking he would be a great friend for Buster since Buster has gotten along so well with other dogs. Since we got Levi Buster has not been himself which I get is normal since bringing another dog into Busters space is a big change but I have a few issues going on. First is we have taken buster or in public to restaurants and such since he was a puppy and we have never had a problem. Now that e have Levi Buster has snapped at four people when they try and pet him. Is he being protective of Levi or what is going on? The second thing is if my boyfriend is at work and I walk them together they soon very well until another dog comes by and Levi being the puppy is curious and wants to say hello which is fine but then he starts barking and Buster goes into attack mode and then they are hard for me to control. I have gotten to the point where I take them on separate walks to avoid this. I want to take my boys everywhere with me but at this point I'm too afraid. We try and do special things for Buster and special things for Levi like buster sleeps on the bed and Levi is getting crate trained. We are taking both of them to the vet this weekend to see if there is something else going on with buster. Is he being aggressive or protective how can I train him and stop these behaviors. How do I get Levi to stop blaming at other dogs? Food? A Clicker? Any help would be great Thanks!

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    Default Re: 3.5 year old bully boy and 6 month boy bully

    Hi and welcome to EBN..... you need to set leader in the pack, Buster is unsure of what is happening and the puppy is just being a puppy.

    There is a sticky thread in the training section.... 'nothing in life is free', it is a great tool to get them to understand and earn everything
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    Default Re: 3.5 year old bully boy and 6 month boy bully

    Thanks I have been working on it and I will continue

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