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Thread: Delayed Agression When Meeting Other Dogs

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    Default Delayed Agression When Meeting Other Dogs

    I've had Tallulah about a month. She's 4-1/2 and was re-homed (via a rescue organization) because she was fighting with the other dog in the house and injured him.

    She's incredibly sweet and loves meeting people. She's always happy to have anyone at all pet her. She is not aggressive in any way with me or other people.

    Other dogs are an issue though. She's not reactive. She sits quietly when we're waiting for our obedience class to start. When she sees dogs when we're out for a walk and will watch them, but doesn't bark or lunge. She's curious and wants to meet dogs that we encounter, but after very preliminary sniffing she'll suddenly start to get snarly. When she sniffs she always goes for the other dog's head, too; either she doesn't get as far as the butt sniffing or skips it. Last weekend she did it with a dog she met after our dog class and an hour later with a dog at the vet. Today she did it twice on our walk. Big dogs, small dogs, indoors, outdoors. No pattern there. She's always been on a leash. When I pull her back sharply, she'll stop and doesn't make any more aggressive moves. Of course the other people leave or we do since they're all strangers, so I haven't really tested if she just needs to settle down.

    Not long after Tallulah came home, my sister-in-law brought their dog by when I wasn't home one day and she said the two played happily in the backyard for quite a while. Maybe because she wasn't on a leash? That seems to be the only difference.

    I'm going to ask the trainer at the dog school, too, but I was curious what other people think.

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    Default Re: Delayed Agression When Meeting Other Dogs

    Dogs on a leash tend to be more aggressive because when it comes to the "fight or flight" response, they know that they do not have the option of "flight". Sounds like our sister's dog is a submissive one and doesn't make Tallulah feel threatened. Have you tried enclosed dog parks?

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    Default Re: Delayed Agression When Meeting Other Dogs

    Thank you for rescuing her and giving her a new chance at a loving home.

    Sounds like you have a dominate little girl that will be hit or miss with every dog --- I HAVE ONE!! Banks is 8.5 yrs old and has never altered from this behavior since she was about 4 yrs. old. We did everything with her since age of 11 weeks when we brought her home. A week away at doggie-bootcamp, four level training classes, in home training, e-collar and continuous positive reinforcement over the 8.5 yrs. --- what we accomplished in all those training is identifying her triggers, establishing us as leader and keeping her in control.

    A few things to consider, if you already know this behavior you may need to accept this is who she is and keep her pack and interactions to a small circle. This does not mean she has to be away from all dogs, just you have to be aware of her triggers and know how she will respond (good or bad) BEFORE you let her or them approach. A lot of this is on you and not her as she is just being who she is and you will need to know how to prevent or re-direct. The fact that she listens to you upon leash correction she does see you as her 'leader', which is a BIG win for you.

    My sister has a Pug that Banks will play with here in her yard, but if we take Banks to my sister's house, she wants to eat Pugsley. Why.... that is his 'turf' and Banks wants to take it over. It is all about being the Queen-bee no matter where she is.

    When our Nitschke passed, he was older than her, we were given the opportunity to adopt an 8 mth old Frenchie. We consulted two different trainers we worked with for Banks, and both told us, NOT to get him as Banks will only ever accept a young male puppy into the home. Well, we did not listen, we took a full week doing off sight, neutral ground meetings, took them for a 15 min walk BEFORE entering the home the night we brought him to the house for a weekend trial (brought him home)... all went well. That was 2 years ago and do not get me wrong, she OWNS him and thinks she owns the house. she will attack him for no reason at times and has even drawn blood, but over all they play well, share and even sleep together. He respects her as above him and she lets him know when he gets too big for his bridges. My point to this is, this is her make up, who she is and we. as her owners, have to know ow to control her and keep her inline, which you may be looking at having to do.

    I am just a message away.... let me know if you have any questions, more than happy to help!
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