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Thread: Potty training a rescue bully

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    Default Potty training a rescue bully

    I recently rescued a 5 yr old bully who had been kept in a crate his entire life. He goes whenever and where ever he gets the urge. Crate training won't work because he's accustomed to going where he ate, slept and lived. I've been walking him every 2 hrs and that keeps him from going in the house, during the day at least. I hope to gradually increase the time between walks. I'm also going to try diapers. Also worth mentioning, he drinks an excessive amount of water. Any thoughts.

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    Default Re: Potty training a rescue bully

    Hi there , you done a great thong rescuing unwanted bully x
    First off all have you vet checked him-especially when you mentioned hes drinking excessive amount of water -it could be nothing but still is worth checking
    With all my rescues i went back to basics with potty training -i gave them a treat and praise every time they went potty where they should-if your bully is food orientated this might help-start from a high value treats (but adjust your bully food accordingly so he wont eat too much) then once he " understood that he gets a treat every time he does potty outside" use his own food as a treats for a while and then gradually reduce it to a praise only -it will take time and patience, but it is all worth the effort x
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    Default Re: Potty training a rescue bully

    Thanks Pati. I'll add that to the plan. His blood work indicated possible kidney issues, but urinalysis came back normal. So we'll keep an eye on that. His tongue is always hanging out of his mouth. I wonder if that can cause dehydration.

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    Default Re: Potty training a rescue bully

    Hi and welcome to EBN.... Pati (she rocks) gave you great advice. i am going to move your thread to the training section and tag a few members that also have experience with rescue bullies - they may have more insight for you.
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