I have a 9 month old female and an 8 month old male. They are spayed and neutered. They fight like crazy over those big natural bones we buy them to chew. They are ok with sharing food and toys, but when it comes to those bones, it gets frightening bad and we have to break it up as they have hurt each other. The rest of the time they are like two peas in a pod.

They each had their own bone but wanted the other ones anyway. Thats how it always started. We no longer give them the bones. To answer your original question: No, I do not believe that getting them neutered will solve this problem as one of your dogs has a food aggression issue that needs to be dealt with. That kind of aggression might transfer to humans if not quickly addressed.

Neutering them now will however solve a whole bunch of other problems that will soon arise that you have not even started to deal with yet. So yes, absolutely neuter them for their safety. If nothing else, it will prevent testicular cancer.