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Your dog has absolutely no idea that "biting a kid" is a thing. Or a bad thing.

So anyone suggesting putting her down isn't using good judgment.

Dogs have no clue that kids are precious to humans, nor why they would be. A kid is just a smaller object than an adult to her. So its not like she knowingly violated some rule of nature and must be put to death.

I've always had this secret confusion inside myself when I hear of dogs being put to death because they bite kids.

Do we really think animals have the first clue about our strange, elaborate value systems?
Your point is very valid… I agree I think that most dogs think they are at the same level as kids in the home. That's why it's SO important to show dogs immediately that kids are also in charge… I have always had my kids hand feed, walk, brush, pretty much do most things that I do w/our dogs. The ONLY thing I have NEVER allowed (even w/my cats) is to let my kids pick up our pets. Most animals don't like this anyway, and it causes problems. My grandson wants to ride on my boxers back and I go absolutely NUTS about it. She has hip issues because she's older, and I don't want her to growl or bite him because he's hurt her. It's just common sense w/kids & pets… but some people are just stupid & let their kids do anything they want to pets in the home.