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Thread: Does your bulldog refuse to go for walks??

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    Default Re: Does your bulldog refuse to go for walks??

    Curly was really tough to get to walk on the leash and sometimes he still is. Usually when he is being stubborn, we can now walk a different direction to get him to come.

    Treats didn't work for me because every time he saw a treat he would just sit (Curly has definitely mastered the sit lol). We use to take a tennis ball out with us And get him to chase it. We were even considering using a soccer ball at one point but he started to get the hang of walking.

    Curly does love walking without a harness and leash - we took him to Yosemite and he had the time of his life. He did not want to leave (Pic of Curly at the cabin below)

    I am happy to say that after about 3 months of struggling Curly goes on one 2 mile walk a day

    Anyhow the best advice I can give is find something that interests him and he will go after. Treats, toy, etc.

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    Default Re: Does your bulldog refuse to go for walks??

    Haha! Our new EB is doing the same thing - she will only go outside long enough to do her business and then runs back to the door to go back inside. Last time we tried to go for a walk I had her and our other dog who loves walks. Daisy plopped her butt down and refused to walk while the other dog looked imploring, then a little pissed she didn't get her walk. Daisy is just recently rescued so I'm still working on getting her healthy so I haven't pushed the issue but we are going to have to figure out walks soon.

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