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Thread: How to stop "Biting and Locking" behavior?

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    Baxter Tiberius

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    I can pull him around the house with his rope and he hardly growls.
    Same here. Anytime its intentional, he doesn't get into it. But he gets fierce if its something I don't want him to bite on.

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    Default Re: How to stop "Biting and Locking" behavior?

    My wife was able to get Bacon to listen to her give command pretty well. With regard to me, I play tug with Bacon all the time so he never lets go if I have a toy and we are playing. Regarding the growling he sounds like a ferocious beast while playing tug as well, I think it's just a bully thing. I would work on a give/drop command with him, also keep in mind that he is only 9 weeks old and bully puppies are extremely mouthy. Just be consistent and he will get it sooner or later.

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    I have found one technique that works on Porkchop that tackles the biting, tugging/lockjaw, as well as general aggression issues (barking and such). I basically use this anytime he's out of line and it quiets him down pretty quick. Ironically I learnt it from an episode of South Park that parodied the Dog Whisperer lol. Whenever Porkchop is acting up I'll poke him in the side of the neck a few times with two fingers while making an associated sound, then if he continues I grab his neck scruff and push his head toward the ground and hold it in place for 10 seconds or so. This is supposedly similar to what alpha dogs do to exert their dominance over subservient pack members. It's gotten to the point now that most of the time I just have to make the associated sound and he gets the signal.

    I've come to quickly realize that a firm hand and discipline makes all the difference. Porkchop is mostly well behaved around me, but he's a pure jumping/biting terror around my girlfriend (who lives with me). She's a total push-over that showers him with treats and love, and in return he walks all over her. I make him earn his treats and he only gets love as a reward and not as some weak prophylactic to try and ward off bad behavior.
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