My name is Cory, my wife Keri and I have an English bulldog named Mack that just turned 2 years old. Around the time Mack was 1 maybe a little younger we began to notice him developing aggression towards other dogs. There are 2 dogs with which he is perfectly fine because they are family members dogs and he is familiar with them. Now every other dog he encounters his reaction is growling and full on aggression/attack. Because of this we are forced to keep Mack separate from all other dogs. Around the same time we began to notice his behavior around small children. He does not growl or anything like that but will sit and allow children to pet him and then with no warning will jump up towards their face. I believed it was harmless but there has been a few times now it seems as if he was snapping a little at the children. Because of this risk we now have to keep him away from children. Thankfully he has never hurt a child but we do not want to find out the hard way. On 2 occasions now he has showed signs of growling and aggression towards adult females. (both short maybe similar to the height of a child???) The difference with the 2 adult incidents is unlike the jumping up at children, Mack was growling and showed signs of snapping. Now obviously we are concerned about him being a risk and unpredictable. This is so difficult for us because around my wife and I and our family and friends he is familiar with, he is a perfect dog and so loving and harmless. Our main concern, my wife is pregnant with a baby boy due October 30. Obviously there is a problem with this and i was hoping Mack could be trained by someone and fixed of these problems he is having but I am not so sure now. A professional trainer which we had a consultation with recommended that we should find Mack a new home with people like us that would take care of him show him love but do not have children. At first I was very dead set on absolutely no way will I give up on this dog whom I love just like a human, but now I am questioning myself. We purchased Mack from an Amish family in Ronks, PA which I believed at the time was not a puppy mill. But going through all this and doing a lot of research, I believe Mack was neglected from the time of birth to 12 weeks when we got him and not socialized properly. I think the breeder is doing this for profit, not the love of dogs. I believe this is what lead us to these problems Mack has. He has always been very scared around things he is not familiar with (power tools, loud noises, large items etc.). I believe all of these problems we are having are fear related. I write this in hope of some professional advice and possibly there is a similar scenario someone else has been through with a bulldog. I truly hope that Mack could be fixed of these problems and we can keep him in our home which i believe he is very happy with us, but the unknown possibility of something bad happening I am not sure what to do. Some peoples advice is that it is just a dog, but we have a mentality toward Mack as if he is our baby.

Thank you for your time,