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I agree with the above posts---exercise Winston daily. That doesn't mean just letting him run loose on your property or in the house, but take him for a good, hearty walk. I also recommend a basic obedience class for him and if you've done one already, do another or some sort of refresher course. Yelling at him isn't going to help matters--he'll just feed off of your frustrated energy and that will make him more hyper.
Spot on.

Dogs need exercise. Cesar says, "Dogs need to travel". For us our daily walk serves as both. It is structured; they're not dragging me around. Bo is at an age where he wants to pee on everything along the way, but he's not allowed to do that either. We take different routes all the time to keep it interesting while visiting favorite spots to potty and sniff around. I think your dog is bored and that's why he's doing all that stuff. Too, your kids need to learn how to play with him so he's a good companion for the children. Dogs and kids go together -- he just needs a few manners is all. He shouldn't be jumping on the children OR playfully nipping anybody. He's a pup and he's learning and he's dying for some leadership. Give it to him and you'll have a fabulous playmate for the children AND Charlie. Walk the dogs together. They'll love it.