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Thread: pee pads to outside?

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    Default pee pads to outside?

    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of potty training my five-month old puppy. It looks like I am at a standstill. He uses his pee pads most of the time (sometimes he misses it and pees by the pee pad and sometimes he just pees in an entirely different spot). I am trying to wean him off the pee pads and to get him to hold it in until itís time for a walk.
    I originally had pee pads located at his 4 favorite spots to go potty in. I have been gradually reducing the number of pads and we are now down to 2. However, whenever I try to eliminate either one of these two pee pads, he just continues to go to that spot and do his business on the floor.

    Anyone have any tips on how to best make this transition from pee pads to outside?

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    Default Re: pee pads to outside?

    Never used pee breeder told me for the first while to keep Forde crated unless I was right there with him....let him do his buisness before putting him back in his crate..... first thing when taking him out of his with him some...let him explore etc. but always keeping an eye on was like for the first week or so that's all i was doing........but within about 2 weeks he had the jist of it and has did i have said before most of his accidents were from me not understanding that he was telling me he needed to go....

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    Default Re: pee pads to outside?

    We're in the middle of this now. What I can say is, when you reduce the number of pads- make sure to use an enzyme cleaner to wipe out all traces of scent from where you kept the old pads.
    Also, right after a nap or playtime, if you can't get him outside right away, walk him to where you want him to go.

    I've been told to take the pads outside when you're transitioning. Put down the pad where you want him to go and eventually he'll learn to go in that place without a pad.

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