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Thread: Lunging and biting help

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    Default Lunging and biting help

    So Ellie has started this behavior of lunging and biting in the evenings. I'm about 95% sure that it's play related as she doesn't do it aggressively (as in teeth aren't bared and there's no aggressive growling). I'm thinking a lot of it stems from being in her crate while we're at work during the day and she has plenty of energy to get rid of. We want to talk her more than we already do, but this is my concern. Here in Georgia, we're already getting into the 80's for highs and it's that lovely humid/sticky heat that you break a sweat in walking to the mailbox. Since the behavior occurs in the evenings, it's still fairly humid/warm close to sunset. What is too hot/humid? Also, there's not too much shade on the road in our neighborhood, so the pavement will start getting quite hot as well. Should I explore other options to wear her out in the evenings? We've also tried the coins in a can thing when she would try to hump (thankfully that habit is mostly broken), but she pretty much ignores the noise now. Stubborn girl! I've gotten to where I basically have to put her on her side until she calms down for a few minutes and then it's back to the roughness. Just looking for some ideas/suggestions.
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    Default Re: Lunging and biting help

    Walk her, even if only for 5 mins. watch her breathing and do not over do it. we had to do this with Banks when she was 2 / 3 yrs old. If there wasn't at least a 5 mins. walk, she was unbearable.
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    Default Re: Lunging and biting help

    Please forgive me someone else had this in their post and I thought it was applicable here but I don't know who to credit.

    This is a dog jacket reasonably priced I thought to keep your dog safe and cool. The reviews are really good. The suggestion from people who have ordered them is to order them from some place with free shipping because they are kind of difficult to size.

    At least this would give you and Ellie some more walk time to get rid of some of that excess energy.

    If the coin can is not working try a spray bottle of water if you haven't done so already.

    Good Luck!
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