@erniesmom I totally feel your pain. I have a pup and she is now 19 weeks and she still isn't fully potty trained. Ugh!!! Our cocker that we have had for years learned immediately so it is frustrating that it is taking her so long to say the least. She has been better the last week but still having accidents pretty much once a day. She literally has to be let outside every 45 min/ hour. And she sometimes pees 3 or 4 times outside each time. We even had our vet check her for a uti to make sure that wasn't what was making her have to pee every second. We are also trying to teach her to ring the bell when she has to go outside but she hasn't caught on to that yet. She would rather just pee in the house. lol Our issue is that she is mainly upstairs with our family all day so she doesn't care to run downstairs too much when she needs to go out. lazy girl I guess. But hoping that she will get much better in the next couple weeks. She definitely knows she has done something wrong cause she runs away and hides etc putting her head down and sulking. If we see if after the fact, we grab her and pick her up and take her to the pee spot and put her head close to the pee so she sees is and tell her no bad dog, etc, and then take her immediately outside and tell her outside. Hope it turns around for you and me soon!!! It will get better just hope its fast!!!!!