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Thread: Suddently becoming aggressive!!

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    Default Re: Suddently becoming aggressive!!

    Getting your dog neutered is one of the best things that you can do for him. It's never to late to neuter.

    • Neutering eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer.
    • Neutering markedly reduces the incidence of benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland, prostatitis and perineal hernias in dogs.
    • Male dogs display hormonally influenced aggression toward each other. Neutering eliminates much of this behavior without affecting a male dog’s protective instincts towards his house and family members.
    • Neutering will often decrease or eliminate other objectionable male dog behaviors, such as mounting furniture and family members.
    • Male dogs will cease roaming to find a mate because the hormonal urge to do so has been removed.
    • Neutered animals are not sexually frustrated! Intact animals become sexually frustrated when responsible pet owners do not permit them to mate and satisfy those hormonally driven urges. Without testosterone, these urges are not present and the animals are more likely to focus their attention on their human family rather than on reproduction.

    If you put an @ sign before their names they will get a notice that you have written a note for them. Otherwise they will have to remember to comeback to this thread. Like this:

    Yes, currently Gunny is required to be crated everytime me and my wife leave for work. We have not tried gating him up in another area yet. He has always been locked up because he used to chew real bad. Leaving him out now would be a completly new concept for him. Due to our schedules, leaving him out may help. I'm a Firefighter/paramedic and work 24hr shifts usually and my wife is a nurse who works 12hr night shifts so he would be left out probobally 14hrs a night. But we may have to try that. We were under the impression that it was too late to get him fixed. What is the age cut off? that is something else to look into. Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Suddently becoming aggressive!!

    @esdmedic7079 - The good news -- it appears -- is that it's not the CRATE that he's concerned with -- it's the closing of the door, perhaps? Being left in a crate for such extended periods of time, would be a great reason to hate the door being closed. Even though a bulldog is going to sleep the day away ANYWAY, perhaps the issue has to do with humans and the door. Maybe too the "aggression" that you see isn't really aggression at all but just the outcome of being anxious? My Bea doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body but when Bo accidentally hits one of the crate doors (or a puppy gate) -- with like a toy or something -- she freaks out and barks at it like it's going to kill her. I picture her saying, "OMG OMG OMG HE TOUCHED THE GAAAAATTTEEEEEE!" Since he's in there for so long at a time, you really MUST crate a tired dog. I hope that's your first step. Secondly, pack leaders don't fuss over their pack members so make less of a production of him going in the crate. He can sense your anxiousness you know. My friend Shelli Dawn used to say "KENNEL UP!" and her three dogs would immediately go into their prospective crates. It was expected and they did it. Perhaps change your inner message to more "It's your nap time!" rather than, "I know you don't like this and I feel bad for you but get in that damn crate...". It makes a difference, I swear. Try instead of giving him a reward for going in there, he can just FIND a reward for going in there. Hide treats inside his blanket. Don't say a THING when closing the door. Just close the door and walk away. All the "Goodbye" stuff we do when we leave is for human's benefit --- the dogs don't understand what we're saying anyway. Sometimes just the "goodbye drama" can make a dog anxious!

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    Default Re: Suddently becoming aggressive!!

    @esdmedic7079 - I would definitly get him checked for pain, it sounds (at least to me) that he is trying to protect himself and his crate is the 'save zone' so when you come near it for any reason, he growls -- right?

    The marrow bones are very thick and he would not choke on them.... look in the groser freezer or meat section for soup bones or marrow bones.
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