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    Hey Our Buffy is coming up on 10 months old and she is chewing constantly Do they grow out of this eventually? She was bad when we first got her and was trying to chew on everything but we would give her toys instead and she would chew on them. But she has destroyed almost every toy we have ever gotten her and now shes just ignoring them when we are gone and chewing on all types of things. She has to be left alone for a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours in the afternoon on week days. So she is put in the laundry room and kept in there with a baby gate with a couple strong toys and towels for a bed (because she ate the stuffing out of her last bed) but in the last week shes been ignoring her toys and shes chewed on the door frame to the bathroom in there and the corner of her kennel we use to put in there with the door open and the base boards by the baby gate and the baby gate itself. when we are home she sticks to her toys or maybe the corner of her bedding towels. i was just wondering if this was maybe just a phase they go threw before they finally mature or if we are always going to have to worry about her chewing when shes left alone, is there any ways to stop her without putting her back in a kennel or smaller area where she only has the cage as her walls? thanks for any help.

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    I think folks have missed your post here, @jlj781

    Chewing on "unauthorized" stuff is a puppy thing and most do grow out of it -- with leadership and guidance. Since she's only being left for a couple of hours, it's troublesome that she's eating the house inside that time frame. Do you suppose there's some separation anxiety issues here?

    Have you tried tiring her out completely before leaving her? Nice long walk before you dash out the door.

    Kenneling is not a bad thing. I used to think like you do -- that a dog wouldn't appreciate being "locked in a box" but when kenneling is done correctly, they love their little dens and go into them without being asked!

    I would strongly suggest kenneling her in the appropriately sized kennel when leaving the house is the best course of action. (Kenneling -- among other things --protects your home AND the dog from harm) A wire kennel with a blanket draped on top will create a calming den atmosphere. If she's never been kenneled before, you'll need to take your time in introducing her to the kennel. You can leave a super safe chew toy in there --- but if she's eats her bedding -- no blankets or towels for now. She could swallow them and choke.

    Think about it. How is being locked in a laundry room away from the "action zones" in the house (kitchen, living room, kids rooms) better than being in a snuggly kennel in the heart of the home? If I were a dog, I'd prefer the kennel. I know my dogs do! As we speak, they're both in their respective kennels behind me, snoring away.

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    My puppy used to chew on everything. It didnt cause too much damage. Then, one day, he chewed a large chunk of the wall off and ate all the paint. I went to the pet store and bought Bitter Apple spray and never looked back. If he starts chewing on something he shouldnt be chewing on, I spray it and he stops right away. Its a miracle worker.

    Crating might actually be a good solution too.

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    Great advice above! Sorry your post was missed!

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