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Thread: Training a bully vs training another breed, such as a lab or Poodle?

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    Default Re: Training a bully vs training another breed, such as a lab or Poodle?

    Have to say, opposite of what many seem to have experienced, dogs are dogs and if you understand what motivates them, you can train them. I have trained my dogs from pit bulls, to mixes, to pekingese, and now to Daisy. All have become certified therapy dogs, and all have passed their Canine Good Citizen tests. Daisy will be taking both in the next month, and I have no doubt she'll pass both with flying colors. Treat the dog with respect and love (instead of domination and fear), reward the behavior you like (with whatever THEIR motivator is.... food, play, petting, play), and ignore/discourage (not PUNISH) behavior you don't like.

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    Default Re: Training a bully vs training another breed, such as a lab or Poodle?

    Positive reinforcement training works best for Bullies I think because they are food motivated and respond so well to kindness. And they will never back down from a challenge because their instinct is to never give up. They really do think for themselves and are not like eager to please working dogs. But loving! oh my! and funny!!! And Bully puppies are THE most adorable little puppies. Lots of positive training info on the web and on uTube. I had Miss T at Puppy Manners 1 and 2 and she was as teachable as all the other dogs. But her laid back little shuffle and grunty noises made her the sweetheart of the class. Everyone wanted to kiss her shmoshy little face. Beware The sharp needle teeth are the worst!!!! Just consistently keep substituting chew toys for your flesh. The nighttime zoomies make them look like little demons spinning out of control. Better than TV. It is SO worth it.

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    Default Re: Training a bully vs training another breed, such as a lab or Poodle?

    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoPixie View Post
    I didn't mean to imply that I didn't think they are smart. Looking back on what they were bred to do, you realize they had to be smart, or die. But they wernt bred to look constantly to their humans for advice, and that's where people usually get the idea that they are stupid lol
    I was just wondering how to go about the training, see if their was any specific differences in training a English Bulldog. Better to know and be prepared lol Have a game plan so to speak lol But I'm not above changing up the game plan if it needs it lol
    thank you everyone for sharing your tips and tricks. I hope I didn't offend any one.
    @DaisyBulldog is right on!

    You use the same training principles on all breeds of dogs and tailor it to the specific dog. I've had many different dogs in my life - all of them have their own quirky personalities. Some are aggressive and would challenge you, some are super omega dogs that are scared of their own shadow and would pee themselves when you give them a stern tone of voice, some are always eager to work for the sake of pleasing the alpha, others will work only when rewarded with food.

    Labs are generally the "work for the sake of pleasing the alpha" types so a lot of them will respond to training just because you're spending time with them - no reward necessary. Bullies are generally more indepent so they need some kind of motivation. But, the end result is the same - they will respond to the right training.

    And just so I can do some bragging... (hardi har har)... with Bullie, she learned her silent commands with the help of sliced bread. After conditioning over and over and over with the sliced bread, she will now respond to silent commands without the motivator - yes, she still has the tendency to think if she can get away with not doing it, but unless she's about to snooze, she usually decides she needs to do it.
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    Default Re: Training a bully vs training another breed, such as a lab or Poodle?

    I have found that little Ella is very stubborn lol But, she caught on to sit right away lol I was impressed and my boyfriends mom is disbelieving lol
    I made her sit toget the toy she wants, and since she wants what ever I have, she sits....Most the time lol Leash training isn't going as well, and she insist on walking between my feet lol I hate to say it but she has been kicked and stepped on =(
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