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Thread: Estella is being a bully

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    Unhappy Estella is being a bully

    I need some advice on how to best get estella to stop being a butt head to other dogs. She is ultra dominant and has to pee where ever another dog has peed. I took her out to the dog park in our apartment complex and didn't notice there was another dog. Well the dog came out of no where and sniffed estella behind and then all the sudden went to sniff her face and stella turned into demon dog. She lunged at the other dog and I got her under control, but the dog kept getting close finally the other owner came and got the other dog. I felt so bad. The only thing I could think to do was make estella lay down so she was in a non-dominant position( I watched way too much dog whisperer). I felt bad cause the guy left. Is there any better way to handle this, other then avoiding all other dogs? Thanks for any advice!

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    Watching dog whisperer paid off, you were able to get her in a non dominant position. I wonder if it would have gone better if she was able to meet through a fence first. When Ruckus meets a new dog he's usually on leash. He's never lunged but likes to jump I can tell when it's coming and stop it with a et et noise to get his attention on me. He's gotten so much better since Lola found us and his neuter.

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    Default Re: Estella is being a bully

    Dogs can’t fake.... I’mpretty sure Mr. Cesar has said that himself. I think you were correct in your reaction to her behavior. I just wonder what her mindset was. Just because you made her lay down which changed her physical position doesn’t mean you changed her mind. Your reenactment of the story makes me think she was reacting out of insecurity. It doesn’t sound like her aggression was provoked. I wonder if her body language was screaming. Was she sheepish? Guarded? Backing into you? I would like to have seen the scenario play out (controlled of course). If you have a friend with a dog that is willing to help / explore Estella’s reaction, it could help diagnose her reasoning. If it is insecurity, be a leader. Help her. Assure her that you have her back and will take care of the situation. Build her confidence with routine obedience exercises and frequent socialization with level dogs. If I’m off base and she is aggressive… then, well, let me know. Best of luck and have fun exploring the relationship with Ms. Estella.
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