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Thread: Need training advice

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    Default Need training advice

    Hi I'm Kathleen...I have a rescue dog named Gunner...I am trying to get advice as well, but mine is 5yrs, a male, just neutered. Thought it would calm him down..Alittle but still goes after me...Yours may just want lots of attention and is misbehaving and testing his boundries. Let him know immediately what behavior is not exceptible, or he will run all over you..I use a crate from time to took a while for Gunner to get used to, but now he goes in it by himself( w/ treats of course)..If I get any good advice/tips I'll pass it on to you...You're not alone....We have another 4 year old who is a humper & is not neutered (yet..but soon) we try to redirect him, sometimes he'll take his "blanket" and go to town when no one is around..I figure it will wear him out...Try and wear your dog out with exercise of some sort too..that helps..but unfortunately i dont think that instinct goes away by itself, unless you train him not to...Good Luck...

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    Default Re: Need training advice

    Hey Kathleen! I know its been a long road with Gunner but you have done an amazing job with him. I think some of his behavior has to do with his background. The situation he came from wasnt great so I think he just needs reassurance and strong leadership. You are doing everything right and I know its tough as Brutus is now being very very stubborn and not listening well. There are some members that will give some great advice let me tag them for you

    Others will be by with advice also...I messaged you not sure if you got it yet
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