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Thread: First Playdate....a bit rough

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    Default First Playdate....a bit rough

    OK so I took Piggy on his first playdate yesterday., My firend has a German pointer/Pitbull female mix. The first half hour was excellent and they played and Piggy was respectful feeling his way out. Now...towards the end Piggy got VERY dominant with her....wrestling her(this is a 90 pound dog btw) and biting at her....making sounds I have never heard from him. And she was pretty submissive running away and trying to avoid him.

    I guess I am wondering if that is normal? this was VERY intense I am not sure I would trust him at a dog park.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: First Playdate....a bit rough

    Bacon was the same way when he was a puppy and he was playing with 100+ pound Rotty/Black Lab mix. He was jumping all over her and nipping at her jowls, he has chilled out a little since then and it helps when the dog he is playing with puts him in his place by fighting back. Don't take fighting back the wrong way my friends puggle with give a little growl at Bacon or show some teeth and he turns back into the little chicken that he is. I think he just gets over excited for his age, also he doesn't get a ton of other dog interaction so when he does he is very excited for a play mate.

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    Default Re: First Playdate....a bit rough

    Bulldogs are rough players! Most older dogs will growl or nip at them to put them in their place when it is over the top and that is good because that helps you teach them that they are too rough. Remember, they are mouthy to begin with and their skin is loose and thick so with their littermates, they may not even really feel how rough they are being. Your baby Piggy, will grow out of it eventually. Just keep being consistent with the people play and let the older dog let him know when it is too much.

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