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Thread: Training 12 week old puppy

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    Default Training 12 week old puppy

    Hi all, we just brought home Seamus on Sunday. Overall he has been doing awesome. We are crate training and live on the 7th floor of an apartment building so we need to factor in walking down the hall, waiting for the elevator, going on the elevator and walking out the back of the building, into our potty training schedule. Right now I have been taking him out ever 2-2.5 hours during the day and every 3 hours (unless he cries) during the night. Should he be able to hold it longer at this age? If so how do I get him to start holding it longer? Since I work from home I just take him out rather than wait for accidents to occur. So far he has only peed in the house a few times and only pooed in his crate once (the first night) and I chalk that up to being upset and nervous about his new surroundings.

    I try and crate him for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon just so he gets used to it and I can get some things done (like work haha). He seems to be doing fine. Only whines/cries a little bit when we put him in at night and then goes right now.

    I am hoping in the next few weeks I can only get up once in the middle of the night instead of 2-3 times. Is there something I should be doing to increase the amount of time he can hold his pee and poo?

    Thanks for your help!

    Here is a picture of our little guy
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_2183-jpg   -img_2175-jpg  

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    Default Re: Training 12 week old puppy

    a 3 month old puppy 'should' be able to hold his water for up to 3.5-4 hours (I've read, its puppy's age in months +1) again, this is ONLY a guideline. If your puppy has access to water 24/7 he'll need to go out more frequently - I put fresh water down several times a day to give him a chance to drink, then he goes back out again. I remove all water 1 hour before bedtime. Hershey will be 18 weeks old on saturday, he is sleeping through the night, and has been since he was about 14-15 weeks old. With your challenge of living upstairs, you MIGHT have to carry him to his potty area.. sometimes accidents happen, while waiting for the elevator etc.

    Hershey is doing REALLY well going outside, however, he isnt doing too well letting us know he has to go out :/ he'll be playing and will look right at me, and wizzzzzzz. but its patience and coming in time speak of time, its time for him to go out oh SCHEDULE SCHEDULE SCHEDULE is REAL helpful for a pup !

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    Default Re: Training 12 week old puppy

    I'm thinking he's about 8 weeks old? I would think 4 hours max..about 10 weeks can go 5. During the day try and still use the crate so he gets used to it and after he comes in fom going potty..I would put him in crate for couple hours. When Jake was that age..he could go 4 hours during the night..I actually think I should've stretched to 5 hours before I did! But if you take him out at night every 4 hours..whether he wakes up or not..when he is about 10 weeks..I would see if he gets restless..and try to stretch it. We did last time out at 10.. Then I woke him up at 2.. Then he was good til 6. As he stretched it out..I found it easier to put him out for the last time a bit later..like 1- and slowly stretch til 6.. It goes fast and soon you will be sleeping soundly!

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    Default Re: Training 12 week old puppy

    As he gets older he will be able to hold it longer. Right now I'd take him out about every 3 hours or so. At night he should go longer. We never restrict water from our pups, they have access to water 24/7. They will learn in time to hold their pee and poop longer. It just takes time and patience. Good rule of thumb as soon as they wake up they need to go, when they finish playing it's time to go and after they eat, it's time to go. Good luck with your training and just be patient, it will happen.
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